“Our unique and proven ability to not only build your custom home, but also personally design it, is Uncommon among builders today.”

One of the most exciting aspects of building a new home is the ability to have something custom designed to meet your individual needs and style. At Artisan Estate Homes, we sit down with you during an initial no-obligation meeting to find out what you want, what you like, how you live now, how you plan on living in the future, what your hobbies are, what style you like, etc. We will then personally begin designing a custom home based on your needs and budget.

Often, our customers have found that they prefer to work from one of our existing, exclusive custom designed floor plans, and have us alter and customize it to meet their goals. Sometimes we have combined several features they’ve liked from multiple plans that we have created or are working on for the future. These options take some of the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation for you of not knowing what your home will look like in real life, because we can often reference photos from previous homes we’ve built.

Our design experience also provides you with the advantage of convenience and time savings because we are a single source contact. At the the same time we save you frustration because we are the single source of responsibility for making sure that the way you want your home to look via the plan, is not interpreted differently by a builder who did not personally design it. We feel it also takes the risk out of the financial side because we have a better understanding of what it will cost to build your home as we’re designing it, and can keep it within your budget. This is opposed to builders that send you off to find a plan or have one designed that you spend significant time looking for, but have no idea of what it will cost to build. If you already have a plan, a designer, or architect you like however, we would be happy to work with them also, after evaluating the plan and project.Our unique and proven ability to not only build your custom home, but also personally design it, is Uncommon among builders today. We pride ourselves on creating open flowing floor plans that incorporate what our customers have come to call “Wow” features throughout. And while we want your home to be impressive, it’s equally important to us to make it practical, functional, and livable. It’s our Uncommon ability to combine the impressive features with the practical features, that distinguishes us as one of the true great design/build firms around.