If you’re considering building in the price ranges Artisan Estate Homes builds in, then you are obviously investing considerable amounts of money. We sincerely hope you meet with other builders to give you a frame of reference so you can better understand that we really do provide you with incredible designs, outstanding value with our Uncommon Standards, and an experience with a high level of personal involvement on our part. When you have other builders price out your home with all of your desired options and upgrades, you will clearly see the Uncommon Value we deliver.

If you’ve already been searching and meeting with other builders, don’t let it wear you down. After awhile it can appear that all builders offer the same floorplans, common standard features that require “upgrades” that continue to run your costs up, and ordinary construction quality. Don’t let seeing the same thing from every builder lure you into thinking that this is how it works and that you have to settle for the same designs and common standards as everyone else. There is a better way! We love what we do and would love to talk with you to see if your new home would be an exciting project for us to undertake together.