“The foundation of your experience is not just doing the right things, but doing what’s right.”

Upon touring one of our Artisan Estate Homes, our concern for outstanding design, value, and quality is immediately apparent. What is harder to see are the intangibles that make the homebuilding experience an overall enjoyable one. Like all good things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

What we do is provide you with the knowledge, advice, and systems to help insure building your dream home is a great experience, rather than leaving it to chance. The foundation of your experience is not just doing the right things, but doing what’s right. Your Uncommon Experience then builds on five key areas.

1. Pre-construction planning
We will sit down with you and explain the homebuilding experience so that you are well-informed on how the process works. We will go over your homeowner’s manual, answer additional questions you may have, and walk you through a timeline on everything from when certain aspects will be started to how to make selections.

2. Ongoing communication
We will keep the lines of communication open via email, phone calls, and meetings so that you understand what is happening with your home and how far along it is to hopefully avoid unpleasant surprises. We also schedule various update and tour meetings with you to address quality, expectations, and progress reports.

3. Hierarchy responsibility
The bottom line rests with us, so you work with us directly and can always communicate directly with us. While you will work with our construction manager and site supervisor before, during, and after your home’s construction as well, you’ll see us out on-site, and find that we are very hands-on and intimately involved throughout the entire process. You are not pushed off on a salesperson or field person alone.

4. Low Pressure/High Value
Hopefully by now you have realized that the “standard” Artisan Estate Home is loaded with design details, quality products, and amenities that would be options or upgrades with other builders. The price of your Artisan Estate Home is for the total package of home and luxury features. With other builders the price is for a “vanilla box” to which you will need to add the marked-up costs of features and amenities you desire—resulting in either going grossly over budget or sacrificing items on your wish list. With the quality of design and products we offer, we don’t think you will rarely need to “upgrade.” However, if you desire to make selection choices different from what is included, our philosophy is to make as many of those changes possible at actual costs (including time and labor costs) without the typical builder mark-up. This allows you to maximize your allowances and budget and create the home you always dreamed of living in. In the end, it provides a better homebuilding experience for you because you are less likely to go over budget and you know you are maximizing your homebuilding budget. You can either get more home for the same investment or the same amount of home for less. At the same time, it allows us to focus on building you a great home instead of spending our time trying to figure out how to pressure you into another expensive upgrade.

5. Professional selection and interior design assistance
In addition to working with us on selections (we want to ensure your home looks great!), we provide complimentary professional interior designers to help minimize the stress of selections, coordinating colors, cabinets, flooring, etc. Of course, you are always welcome to use your own interior designer if you prefer, and we can work closely with them as well.